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  • 11 Aston Court,Bromsgrove Enterprise Park,Bridge Road, Bromsgrove, ,B60 3AL
  • 01527 872123
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At Rimilia, we have developed Award winning Cash Allocation & Cash Application system solutions from the standpoint of having encountered issues ourselves associated with manually intensive processes. This is why our solutions not only get the job done, but have intelligence built in so that our solutions continue to grow with you and which is why they have received independent recognition by both Institute of Credit Management & Investors in Excellence.

We pride ourselves on designing solutions from ‘the outside in’, this means that someone who has knowledge of how the existing process works will very quickly be operating a more automated way of doing the same process, after all, the processes that we have automated are still required to be done and will always need people to deal with the exceptions that any system cannot logically resolve.

We also know from experience that selecting a technology partner can be a risky process – “Will the system actually do what is claimed, will I really get the benefits ?”, the answer to these natural doubts when choosing to partner with Rimilia is YES. We are not only able to demonstrate a full end to end working demonstration system, but can provide real reference sites with real customers that will tell you in their own words how good our solutions are, how we stay with the project until fully implemented and benefits are flowing, and how we don’t look for every available opportunity to levy consultancy fees.
At a Glance

Whether the benefits you are looking for are to reduce cost, increase control, achieve compliance requirements easier, enhance job satisfaction, improve customer satisfaction , achieve World Class performance and get a ROI within 3-12 months, the good news is that you are in the right place and need look no further.
Automatching receipts to invoices reduces manual involvement by 75%
Easy view dashboard lets you know where your cash is at every minute of the process
•Anti Money Laundering (AML)
Because every receipt is tracked, identifying changes in payment behaviour is very simple and can be tracked straight back to the payee
•Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)
No doubting whether the transactional processes have been undertaken correctly, Alloc8 is the process and is backed by a full step by step audit trail
•DSO / Debtor Days
The fast application of cash to the sales ledger results in the Collection teams being focused on customers who have not paid rather than those that already have
•Unallocated cash
This is eliminated as every payment receipt is allocated. Alloc8’s unique recycled payments function also means that its easy to keep track of any postings to customer account which can be allocated to invoice level at a later date as required.
•Return on Investment (ROI)
Anywhere between 3 and 9 months depending on the volume of transactions being processed
•Cloud based solution
Whether you take advantage of the quick installation process via our Cloud service operated at our Tier 4 data centre or you choose to host yourself, requiring an internet browser to access your own secure site makes the location of the activity totally flexible
•World Class
Alloc8 is the definition of World Class since the cost per transaction comparison used by all the leading benchmarking organisations puts us in their upper quartile every time.

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